The best gun cases of 2022 cover a lot of territory. There are heavy-duty cases for traveling with rifles, cases that protect your firearms from rust, cases that transport your firearms discreetly, and cases with modular elements to attach various accessories. Your specific needs — both in terms of the type of firearms you’re looking to protect and where and how you will be using them — will dictate the best type of case to purchase. 

We analyzed the quality, value, design, and function of each of the gun cases in this roundup. We tested the zippers and latches for durability, the overall ease of use of each case, the amount of environmental protection they offer, and their value for the money. At the end of the test, these ended up being the best gun cases of 2022.

Sometimes finding the best hard pistol case can be hard our expert team has searched and evaluated wide range of hard pistol cases ranging in price. We picked Under Water Kinetics Hard Pistol Case as our TOP CHOICE.

Choosing the best hard pistol case can be difficult as there are so many considerations, such as Case Club, Underwater Kinetics, MTM, Eylar, Cedar Mill Fine Firearms, Premium Tactical Supply. We have done a lot of research to find the top 25 Best Hard Pistol Cases available.

In the Running, Case Club 5 Pistol 20 Mag Waterproof Case

Case Club 5 Pistol and 20 Magazine Pre-Cut Heavy Duty Waterproof Case


Case Has a Lifetime Warranty, Company states it is 100% Waterproof (IP67) & Dustproof with a Built-In Pressure Release Valve. Base Foam Is Heavy Duty, Non-Abrasive, Pre-Cut, Mil-Spec, Closed Cell Polyethylene Which Won’t Absorb Moisture Or Oil. Magazine Compartments Are Dual Level & Will Fit Both Single & Double Stack Mags of Varying Lengths. Utilize Our Specially Designed Magazine Spacers for Your Single Stack Mags and Remove the Spacer for Double Stack Guaranteeing a Perfect Fit Regardless of Magazine Size.

Holds 5 Pistols, 20 Magazines (+5 More in the Magwells) & Comes Standard with a Specially Designed Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust. Case Is 100% Shippable and Airline Approved for TSA Checked Luggage. Two Padlock Points That Support a Customer Supplied Padlock with a 1/4″ Shackle Along with One Way Hinge Pins Ensure Your Gear Remains Safe and Secure.

Pistols Sit in a Quick Draw Position So the Guns Can Be Picked Up Properly by Their Grip in a Safe Manner. Wide Bodied Snap Latches Can Be Used with Thick Gloves. Extended Front Handle Length Helps Counter Balance Off Center Weighted Loads. All Latch & Hinge Pins Are Stainless Steel. Injected Molded Case Shell with Integrated Exterior Structural Ribs Increase Durability and Provide Deflection Points Making This Fully ATA Approved and Compliant in All 50 States.

Easily Convert the Case From a 5 Pistol Version to a 4 Pistol & Accessory Version by Removing the Pistol Module & Freeing Up Room for Ammunition & Safety Gear. Quickly Convert It Back to the 5 Pistol Version Anytime by Putting the Module Back In. Dual Purpose Foam Design Allows for Two Different Configurations for the Price of One!

Accommodates Full Size, Compact & Subcompact Pistols with Under-Barrel Attachments and Small Reflex Sights. Foam Also Has Built-In Height and Length Adjustment Blocks in Which You Can Use to Further Customize the Fit Ensuring Even Your Smallest Subcompact Pistols Fit Just As Tightly As Your Full Size Ones. Max Length of Pistols Is 8 5/8″ & Is Not Intended for Revolvers Due to Their Longer Barrel Lengths.